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Lightbulb New Player Time Kickstart

Hey everyone,
So I had this amazing idea about the time it takes to get started as a new player in DAW. To anyone who plays or has played before, everyone knows that even if a player takes full advantage of their production que's it takes "forever" to get to a place where a player can begin to engage in capturing cities or warring with other players.
Having played a few different worlds, I have had some practice getting to my second city in the fastest time possible. Unfortunately, it is still impossible to obtain a second city for at least 2 weeks and 4 for the average player who logs in 2-3 times a day. Because of this tremendous time span, new players are more likely to quit the game, and experienced player are just plain irritated over having to wait so long to get into the action.
Now, since this is an old issue, it is highly possible that my idea has already been presented by someone else. But just in case it has not, I really hope that the developers will highly consider the potential it has. Any time that a player enters a world, they receive 2 days of the foreman and architect. This decreases the time required to reach that 2nd city by up to 2 days. If the days for the foreman were increased to ~8 days, then anyone who was extremely active in the game could get to that 2nd city in a week, and anyone else who was active could easily have their establish time cut in half.
On the other end of the spectrum, pay to win players would have to spend on construction speed ups if they wanted to gain an edge early in the game because they would no longer have the cheap foreman to double their progression speed in that initial kickoff.
Anyway, I hope that this is helpful. If not, I gave it to you anyway.

Uriah Giet
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